Gokwe woman still pregnant after 2 years


Allegations of witchcraft and conspiracies have taken centre stage as misfortune trails a 29-year-old Gokwe woman who for two years believed she was pregnant.

The woman from Munyanyiri village in Gokwe has now been dumped by her husband and is now also facing threats of eviction.

Abuse, persecution and rejection are the calamities of life, and experiencing any of them is enough to send one’s life upside down.

But a Gokwe woman, Tendai Dube has suffered all the three calamities in her 29 years of existence that have been marked by betrayal. Tendai thought she had fallen pregnant two years ago.

Nurses told her to prepare for more than one child and she believed she was going to give birth to twins. Nine months passed and soon it was a year, but there was no baby.

Excitement turned to worry and hope was transformed into despair. After 18 months, she visited a medical doctor at Gokwe Centre, who recommended further medical examination.

While she was still trying to digest the news that she was not pregnant, her husband Chamu dumped her for another woman. To add salt to injury, the husband’s new love stays a few metres from their home.

More suffering was still in store for the rejected woman. The headman, allegedly at the instigation of Tendai’s husband, is ordering the helpless woman to leave the area.

Chief Njelele has appealed to individuals to assist the woman whom he says has been suffering for a long time.

Tendai needs about US$50 to go for a scan that will assist medical doctors ascertain the reason behind her bulging belly.